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Book review: The Witch’s Kiss by Tricia Schneider

The Witch’s kiss by Tricia Schneider  is the forth book the Merriweather Witches series and is witch's kissthe first one I have picked up. This particular book follows the plight of Sage, a witch harbouring a dark and deadly secret, and Marianne, a ghost for all intents and purposes but for one small detail, her body still draws breath. Marianne and Sage seek for the means to undo the curse placed upon her but a cure seems beyond the realm of hope. Side by side they battle the odds together, learning untold secrets about each other, and some of these secrets are so dark, so life altering, it could bring to question the very nature of their relationship. Both are cursed, both are haunted by events of their past.

Since I started at book 4 I can confidently say Tricia Schneider does what all great series authors do, creates a stand alone tale when no foreknowledge of the previous books are required. Continue reading “Book review: The Witch’s Kiss by Tricia Schneider”