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Book review: SEEDS The Journey Begins by Cary Allen Stone (@CaryAllenStone1 )

Humanity was about to embark on a new frontier. Returning to the role of Explorer they reviewwere destined to be. Only this time they were going further than any have been before. Their destination, Titan. Mother Earth was angry with her children, exhausted of resources and her anger rained down on those committing matricide. There would be no hospitable climate, no redemption, and so they turned their sight to the sky’s and the space race began.

This is not the first book I’ve read by Cary Allen Stone but it is the first science fiction by this particular author. Reading, SEEDS The Journey Begins just goes to show his diversity and a writer as he brings you a dystopian Earth and a race to be ready to leave before either man or nature pull the final plug. Within the pages you’ll find a wealth of technology and written in a plausible and understandable manner.  Cary Allen Stone has some amazing ideas and meshes know theories with their own ideas and challenges. As a character driven plot you’ll find yourself drawn into their world, and watch them form new relationships and mature as people. This was good read, and I imagine one that will be readily embraced by sci-fi fans.

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author, book review, reading

Book review: Forever Sunshine by Cary Allen Stone

Forever Sunshine by Cary Allen Stone is a short story featured in the collection Mother’s _pPYKaF5Day Magic: …with Love.

The anthology was written by a collection of number one, and best selling authors focusing on romance or loving memories. Mr Stone approached me and asked if I would be willing to do a quick review for his contribution to the anthology.

Whilst not my normal reading genres a change is as good as a rest, and this was certainly a pallet cleanser. I found the writing style very immersive. The dialogue is well scripted, and throughout the story we learn more about not only the main characters featured, a brother and sister Charley and Janey, but about their mother who had died the year before. Continue reading “Book review: Forever Sunshine by Cary Allen Stone”