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Book review: Emily Stormbrook – Chasing Starlight (@EmilyStormbrook)

Two years ago, Liam had been rescued from the drug and sex trafficker, Woodroe, by Marrok, forming a fast and loyal bond between the berserker and this alpha. While an alpha himself, Liam’s wolf is content to defer to the man who saved him, content to take his place as beta at the Elswyth Chase Pack. For two years, Liam did nothing but keep the pack’s best interests at heart. That was, until he laid eyes on Sirona. This silver-haired siren had captivated him from the moment he laid eyes upon her. There was only one problem, she was his brother’s mate. Little did he know Sirona had been guarding a secret her entire life, she had been on the run for years, and with her twenty-first birthday closing in, her past returned to haunt her, putting Liam, and everyone around him in danger. He’d not only taken his brother’s mate, he’d stumbled into something that could change the very balance of power amongst the clans.

Chasing Starlight is the second book in the Elswyth Chase Series by Emily Stormbrook, and what a read it is. Having read Hel to Pay I was keen to get my hands on this gem, and found myself amazed at the diversity of the author. While book one centred around Marrok and Hel, this book focused on Liam and Sirona’s story, and what a story it was. Filled with darkness and romance, there were times when the sentiments were so moving, so heart-wrenching, that I found myself rereading the lines that stirred such powerful responses in me. I loved this story, it had everything from romance and heartbreak, to danger, secrets, and betrayal. One thing I particularly enjoyed, was that Sirona uses sign language to communicate, in the Timberland Pack, but a few people had learnt how to sign, so you get a real feel for the isolation that was being forced upon her. As for Luke, I wanted to wrap my hands around this throat and choke the life out of him, and I have a sneaky suspicion we’ll be seeing him again in later books. This was an amazing read and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a paranormal romance with hot and steamy scenes, sweet romance, and escalating danger. This is definitely one of those rare books I see myself rereading in the future.

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