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Book review: Andrei Saygo – Oath Breakers (@AndreiSaygo)

Robert thought he had his life on track. He was part of a successful upstart, he trained diligently, oh and he saved unsuspecting people from invisible assassins only he could see. This was the hand he’d been dealt since his parents were murdered, but never did he expect something magnificent to rise from it, and that something was Dea. He saved her from an attack, unaware he was being drawn into something he could never imagine. A secret world of magic, and it’s hungry for blood.

Oath Breakers is the first book in Andrei Saygo’s DC Coven series. This kind of book is an amalgamation of a paranormal and fantasy lovers dreams. The author creates a detailed and believable magic system that is explained and explored smoothly as part of an involved and gripping plot filled with mystery, secrets, and romance. Being the first book in the series I loved at the hints of things yet to come, questions left hanging, and snippets of information expertly fed I just need to know the answer to. The cast of characters are as imaginative as they are unique, and I enjoyed their varied personalities. The plot moves from strength to strength as Robert is drawn deeper into a world he knows nothing about, uncovering things he never dreamed possible. This is the kind of book that gets you hooked on a series, and I am already eager to uncover what may come next.

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