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Book review: Amy Johnson – Caged (@AmyJohnson895)

Eden was used to looking after everyone else. She lived to raid, she was skilled at walking unseen amongst the machines, and committed to memory everything she needed needed know in case challenged, but with the human numbers diminishing and the machines evolving, it was getting more difficult to remain unseen, and security on the much needed supplies was becoming tighter. When a mission goes south she finds herself plunged into a terrifying new reality, where her captors are not just content to observe, they want to find out what makes her tick, break her, make her into one of them. If she can’t resist she will seal the fate of all those she loves, those she has spent her life protecting.

Amy Johnson’s Caged is the first book in the Idyllic series. Suspense, tension, heartbreak, and action all combine in a dystopia world where man is no longer master, in fact, they are prey, harvested for their bodies, used and utilised for parts, and in some cases kept for entertainment. This dark and dangerous world will capture your attention from the onset, with high action, high-stakes events. The world is brilliantly developed, as are the characters, you can’t help but be pulled along on their emotional journey and become invested in their life and survival. I loved how the author gave a complete sense of the world, technology, strife and struggles smoothly while not compromising on character development. This isn’t just a read that caters to sci-fi lovers, anyone who enjoys a strong plot, relatable characters, and action and adventure will find this book has much to offer. It’s one of those reads you just don’t want to put down.

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