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Book review: Maggie Cole – Kiss of Redemption

For ten years he said nothing. He sat in prison, isolated and alone, accused of a murder he didn’t commit. It wasn’t just any murder though. As far as the world was concerned he’d killed his best friend, Clay, and Clay’s little sister, Mia. When his parole finally came around he felt the earth move beneath his feet. But it wasn’t the fact he’d been granted his freedom that course his world to tremble, it was the vision of the dead who stood looking at him, her eyes filled with hurt and questions. Mia. He’d been told she was dead, but now she was back, and as soon as anyone discovered she was here his years of silence wouldn’t matter. He needed to protect her, but will she even let him close when she believes he is the one responsible for her brother’s death?

Kiss of Redemption is the first book in Maggie Cole’s Together We Stand Series. Centred around Beckett and Mia. It’s an engaging read filled with questions, suspense, and romance as Mia and Beckett find themselves and each other. With Beckett’s silence came a guarantee, but now Mia is back and asking questions, unaware of the danger she is putting everyone in. The truth was hidden for a reason, silence kept and time paid. He lost ten years of his life, and if Mia isn’t careful he’ll lose everything he needed to protect, even her. Well-written, perfectly paced, with characters you can’t help but connect with. An enjoyable read beginning to end.

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