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Book review: Emily Stormbrook – Mastering Sin (@EmilyStormbrook)

Ivy Sinclair had been through hell. She had barely survived her captor, and she certainly hadn’t been left in one piece, she was broken, hurting, and unable to face the horrors of what she had endured. Her mind is a prison, her only escape in the mindset she was trained to embrace, an escape she is no longer being granted. When the psychiatrist threaten to have her committed Miles realises he must do whatever it takes to keep her beside him. He has loved her for years, and now, with the help of Devon, he will discover a part of himself that he never knew existed, a part that holds the key to Ivy’s survival.

Mastering Sin is the second book in the Addicted to Sin series. I don’t know where to start with this review. Ivy was put through hell, and I hurt for her. Having read the first I already loved Miles, he is such a sweet character, which made the experimental side of him he embraced all the more alluring. I enjoyed the initial uncertainty and the building of confidence as he explores a scene he knows nothing about. The sex scenes are hot, the torture scenes disturbing, and I loved every minute of this emotionally charged and gripping read. I can’t wait for more.

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