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Book review: Julia Cowan – Us vs The Rest of the World (@juliacowan74)

Since her father’s death Maddie has been worried about her mother, more so these last few days, she’s been forgetful, absent minded, and her behaviour sometimes has been downright strange. When a news broadcast reveals a string of bizarre events unfolding their small hometown goes to hell. Cut off from the rest of the world, Maddie, Cody, and the other children must act quickly to uncover the truth behind the adults’ unusual behaviour and find a way to survive in a world where they can only rely on each other.

Us Vs The Rest of the World is a dystopian survival written by Julia Cowan. This is a survival tale that will grab you right from the start and thrust you into a refreshingly original dystopian plot. The world is crumbling, falling to social ruin and the children are the only ones left untouched by this hostile development. With a cast of unique and well developed characters you will be desperate to uncover what fate has in store as they fight for survival and the future. I enjoyed the adapting relationships, the realistic antagonization, and the evolving threats. Well written with a smooth narrative that will get your heart racing as you watch the dangerous future unfold and choices be made about how this new world should survive.

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