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Book review: Simone Beaudelaire – Polar Heat (@ladychkara)

The moment Russ’ path crossed with Riley’s he knew she was special. This shy, timid creature had captivated him from the moment she slipped into his plane, and she was all he could think about. But there was a danger with his pull to her. She was human, and while he was not accepted fully by his kind, he was not beyond their judgement. To claim her as his mate he must reveal their existence, but that is not the only obstacle. Riley fled here to escape her past, but it seems that dark history isn’t quite finished with her yet.

Polar Heat by Simone Beaudelaire is a shifter romance based in the icy climate of Alaska. This charming romance focuses on the growing pull between Russ and Riley as he tries to win her affection and coax the woman she is through the barriers of her insecurities. With a past that has haunted her for so long, Riley must learn to trust, to let herself be vulnerable. I enjoyed watching their growing bond strengthen and develop and loved the addition of lore and supernatural into the perfectly paced plot. Romance, passion, danger, and a past that won’t let go. It’s a good job it’s cold outside because things are getting steamy.

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