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Book review: Victoria Philips – Five Days in March (@LisaVProulx)

From the moment he laid eyes on her Wren knew Sparky was his forever. He would never love more deeply or truly, and yet if there was one thing always missing, preventing this great romance that was written in the stars, it was timing. Too soon, too late, but never right. Even when the right time seemed upon them things had a way of changing. Littered with insecurities and obstacles the path of love is never simple, all one can truly hope is that in the end it was worth the hardship. Five Days in March is the story of Sparky’s life, as love orbits, and fate collides. Live the story through her eyes. You can have many loves, but you only have one forever.

Five Days in March by Victoria Philips is not my normal kind of read. I usually stay away from biographies and true stories, but this I had to read. I loved the author’s style, it was so far apart from my normal genres, a tale written in first person that spoke directly to the reader in an engaging manner as all life’s secrets are laid to bare. Sparky had lived, she has experienced highs, lows, loss, devastation and hardship. Life tempered her, made her strong, just as experience helped Wren to grow. This is a truly moving read, emotional, heartfelt, and yes, I’ll confess there were times I cried reading about the deep cutting tragedies within. I loved learning about Sparky’s life, and I have nothing but respect for the woman. An immersive read, a tale of love, loss, heart-break, strength, growth, and courage. What’s not to enjoy?

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