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Book review: C.J. Pyrah – Legacy (@cjpyrah )

Torben had worked on the farm for almost his entire life. Amos had taken him in, and as reviewmuch as he kept promising he would leave and pursue his own life he couldn’t stand the thought of the man who raised him losing everything. Winters had been hard,  harvests bad, if he left he knew they could afford no help and were too old to work the land alone. So he stayed. But when a dwarf with a pouch of gold tempts him on a day’s jaunt, it seems too good to pass up. Little did he know when he sets foot on the journey his life will be forever changed, and when you can’t go back, the only thing to do is move on, and with the promise of riches beyond his wildest dreams, what’s left to consider?
C.J. Pyrah’s Legacy is book one in The Dead God series. In a journey of discovery into the self and the world beyond Bywater, you are introduced to Torben, a man whose minor experiences have in no way marred him to the world. An innocent heart unwilling to judge at first glance or rumour as he comes to learn there is more variety in the world than he had ever imagined, from dwarves to lupines, guilds and epic adventures. You will find a read filled with adventure, action, and discovery written in a flowing third-person narrative with great world-building and likeable characters who, due to their flaws and distinct personalities have a very believable feel to them.

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