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Book review: D.M. Cain – A Chronicle of Chaos (@DMCain84)

When it comes to battle Chaos is amazing. He had defeated more enemies than his peers reviewis highly skilled, well practised, and thought to be one of the best in the land. The problem was he knew it.  Having grown up believing himself to be the child of prophecy fated to bring the downfall of the Brotherhood of Shadows his ego couldn’t be much bigger. He thought he was special, exempt from the rules, that he deserved special consideration. He was arrogant and assumed he was better than everyone else. He was wrong. When the Brotherhood of Shadows sets their sights on him he realises just how much his confidence and arrogance costs.

A Chronicle of Chaos is one of the tales found within D.M. Cain’s The Light and Shadow Chronicles. This war-ravaged country is filled with battles. For 130 years the Brotherhood of Shadows has fought the Children on Light in a neverending battle of even odds and stalemate, until Vincent turns to Demonic aid to press an advantage, turning a war between humans into a battle between angels, demons, and those who would stand by either side. Woven in this action-paced tale is romance, danger, betrayal, bravery and a strong cast of characters who grow and develop and the plot advances. I enjoyed how Chaos’ actions cause tension, resentment and adversity to rise between allies as his arrogance and belief of superiority allow him to use his tongue to attack with as much devastation as his blade, cutting to a person’s insecurities, ensuring no matter their power they know he is better than them. I enjoyed the building respect between Chaos and Anathema, the only ones who both believe they recognise each other for what they could be, even if they don’t know each other’s true identities at the time, they made each other better. If you like character-driven fantasy filled with high stake actions, real and raw emotions, where characters are pitted against each other in a light vs darkness tale, give A Chronicle of Chaos a go.

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