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Book review: Christy English – The Slow Rise of Clara Daniels (@ChristyEnglish)

Clara had savoured the attention of her distant mother, but her affection became even reviewmore scarce when she started seeing Darren. Her family’s ability to be able to read people’s thoughts had warned what kind of man he was. She wondered why her mother hadn’t seen it too. After all, the gift ran in the family. Seeking the love and adoration of others she pursues a career in stardom, knowing she will make those who believe in her rich, but first, she must find a means to enter the scene and ensure all she wants comes to pass.
Christy English’s The Slow Rise of Clara Daniels is a supernatural drama following the life of Clara, a famous actress and her journey to fame. Written in an easy flowing third person narrative it is easy to enjoy the ride, and the dates at the start of each chapter made the varying timeline easy to track as we go from childhood to fame and back. I enjoyed Clara’s diva character and how she portrayed the image of a classy Hollywood star. The use of her gift is limited, and targeted toward propelling her in the career of adoration she seeks and thrives on. I enjoyed following her trials, watching as she solved the issues before her to ensure she had what she wanted, and found something she wasn’t even expecting.

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