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Book review: B. Roman’s Before the Boy (@BMoonSinger1)

Billie Nickerson hadn’t been ready to die, but what parent is? This was different though, reviewit hadn’t been her time, she hadn’t yet fulfilled the duty to her son and passed on all he would need to know, all that would make him the hero the future yearned for. A simple mistake ensured the karmic balance, and the very path of the future was turned askew, she died when she should have lived. And now, with no way to bridge the realms between them she must do all she can to ensure that David’s future becomes that he was destined for.
B. Roman’s Before the Boy is a supernatural tale of a mother’s love and is the prequel to their Moon Singer trilogy. The book focuses on Billie, the difficulties she has to overcome to not only find love but ensure the future of those she eventually left behind. It was entertaining to watch Billie both in life and death as she fixates on what will and must be, and bearing witness to her metamorphosis really helped to develop her character. Love, trials, and challenges will keep a reader entertained and also creates an air of curiosity about the events that will follow.

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