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Book review: Judy Bruce – Vengeance In the Wind

The Meyer Haunted House was an eagerly awaited event, it was their legacy, each year reviewwas different, more terrifying than the last, and each was unforgettable. But this one would be remembered for a different reason. This year it wasn’t just props scaring the patrons. An expertly timed murder created more questions than answers, and Megan Docket scrambles to protect those she loves from wrongful persecution. Megan was given a moniker, The Woman Who Feels, she knows when something bad is coming, she knew about the murder, but her instincts hadn’t settled, something more was afoot, and the more involved she became in the investigation, the closer it seemed to be. Can she protect those she loves from the danger on the way?

Judy Bruce’s Vengeance in the Wind is a small-town murder mystery. While it is number 6 in the Wind series it is a fully contained story that works as stand-alone. I first came across this series when I read Lies in the Wind, for Readers’ Favorite, which was the 5th book, so I was excited to be informed of the latest addition to the series. Judy Bruce builds tension in this plot from beginning to end, starting with the feeling of something foreboding on the horizon, to being knee-deep in trouble and desperately trying to save the lives of those she loves. I enjoyed how I was given a complete sense of community, the kind you often get in small towns where neighbours are not just strangers who live near you. This book was everything it needed to be, tense, involved, deceptive, and atmospheric. I was hooked at trying to uncover the truth of events, analysing the characters to try and discern their motives and what they had to hide. There are certainly surprises in store, and connections that weave subtly throughout the plot. This is a great book for mystery lovers, especially those who enjoy character-driven, atmospheric, and tense plots.

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