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Book review: Michael C. Sahd – The Unfettered Child (@MichaelCSahd)

Orin had risked everything, his position as chief, the respect of his peers, even the favour reviewof the spirits when he returned with a healer to save the life of his wife and unborn child. The task had seemed impossible, and a stillbirth had devastated him. He begged, pleaded, for Samara to do something, and she did. Breath returned to his daughter, but life was not the only thing drawn into her. Named after her saviour, Orin’s daughter, Samara, is apprenticed by the shaman, but when elves kidnap her mother it becomes apparent she is more than meets the eye. The power she holds is terrifying, fortunately, just as she unlocks her devastating potential a mentor, heard only as a voice calling within her mind, finds her. Alone and afraid, she has nowhere to turn, she commits herself to rescuing her mother, and this voice promises to guide her, but can it be trusted, or does it harbour its own agenda?

The Unfettered Child by Michael C. Sahd is a wonderful addition to the fantasy genre. Written in the third-person perspective, mainly focusing on Orin and Samara, ensures you are drawn into the story from multiple perspectives, allowing you to fully appreciate the story and its complexities. I found the characters well-developed, interesting and brilliantly portrayed. I was hooked on this from the first chapter to the last, eagerly turning each page to uncover the fate in store for the characters I so quickly became invested in. I enjoyed the world-building, lore, mythology, magic system, and incorporation of different belief structures. Action, heartbreak, and manipulation drive on the intriguing plot as you wonder what will be the final outcome of a journey started with tragedy.

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