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Book review: Camille Faye – Emergence (@camillefaye)

Things had finally started to fall into place for Sophie. She truly thought she had found reviewher calling. Having completed several successful mind changes, adapted to life in the voodoo shop, and accepted the love and friendship of those around her, she had never found herself more at home. But as quickly as this contentment came it was stripped away. Dark happenings stir in New Orleans, and with Taj’s sudden departure and the subsequent loss of her magic, an ancient evil threatens to take everything Sophie loves away. Sophie must find her magic, and to do so she must rely on the one person she vowed never to trust, the person who had already killed her once. Can Sophie reconnect with her power without her love for Taj as its source, and will she be able to save everything and everyone she loves before it is too late?

Emergence by Camille Faye is the second book in the Voodoo Butterfly series. Having read the first book I couldn’t wait to see how Sophie’s life unfolded, and I was certainly not disappointed by this book. Whilst the second book in the series, a reader will have no problem picking up from book two as the gaps and past are expertly filled in, whilst allowing those who read the first book extra knowledge and snippets of information otherwise unavailable. I really enjoyed reading Sophie’s plight. Mystery, suspense, and danger accompany Sophie on her journey to not only discover more about her heritage but to unlock the secrets within herself. Being character-driven I loved watching the relationships between the characters we already met in book one, and new ones, emerge, grow, change, and develop. I have high praises for this book, the intermingling of voodoo and Catholicism was well presented and whilst an entertaining story, I also feel took away information I had not previously known. This book had me hooked from the first page to the last and I look forward to reading more of Camille Faye’s gripping work.

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