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Book review: Camille Faye – Voodoo Butterfly (@camillefaye)

When Sophie received a letter addressed to her late mother it changed her life. But she review.jpghad no idea of the extent of this change. She had often thought of owning her own business, although a house of voodoo hadn’t exactly been what she had in mind. Her grandmother, Seraphina, had been a Mind Changer, possessing the power to turn a person from a path of darkness, and that gift had been inherited by Sophie, or so Poppy, her grandmother’s apprentice, had told her. The problem was, voodoo needed belief to work, and that was something she was seriously lacking. A note had drawn her here, but as she remains she starts receiving a different kind of letter, one attempting to drive her from her newfound home. Warnings and death threats fill her with fear. It seems someone wants to ensure Seraphina’s legacy remains unclaimed, and as Sophie is the sole remaining bloodline of this clan she finds herself and those she cares for in the deadly sights.

Voodoo Butterfly is the first book in Camille Faye’s The Voodoo Butterfly series. I have to say, I really enjoyed reading this, I loved Sophie’s characters and how those she surrounds herself with all bring something she needs to her life. Unsure, lost, and without faith she is slowly transformed inside and out into the person she should have always been, an act only possible due to the support and influences of all those around her. While it is a story of self-discovery it is also one of hope, of how actions, and sometimes magic and faith can change the course of another person’s life. Filled with strong and vivid characters who you can’t help but like you will feel yourself being drawn into their lives as if you are part of it, a feeling which is further enhanced by a well-written first person narrative. This emotional rollercoaster will have you smiling, cursing, and even on the verge of tears as you immerse yourself into Sophie’s life, a life which has been filled and influenced by so much darkness she finds embracing the light and trusting difficult. I enjoyed this book so much I have already picked up number two in the series. If you enjoy a character driven, emotional read with magic, dark influences and hope, then look no further.

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  1. What an interesting person you are! First off, thank you for your lovely review of my book. I perked right up when I was browsing your website and Amazon Author page. Very interesting to me the work that you do with the reiki, herbal remedies, etc. I grew up on a 40-acre farm and my mom always used home remedies when she could. We also grew up respecting alternative healing therapies and still use them. I shared your review on:
    Best to you,
    Camille Faye

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