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Book review: C.A. King – Sometimes Love Stinks (@PortalProphecy)

Gastrella was looking forward to a new year at school. Having moved home she had left reviewthe stigma behind her, she would remake herself, hold back the embarrassing problem anxiety caused, a problem her name only amplified. Everything was going fine until she caught a glimpse of the hot jock Tanner. But the interest wasn’t one way, much to the irritation of his on again off again girlfriend. But when things are taken too far Gastrella realises she is not the alone with her anxiety, that so many feel the same as she does, and reaches out to someone she feels can help.

Sometimes Love Stinks is one of C.A. Kings books based in Knolville, everything about this town has a touch of paranormal, and it even raises it head, albeit more subtly, in this book. I enjoyed the tale, and read it in a single sitting. This short and quirky this tale has a splash of humour, but also carries a serious message about bullying. While it isn’t along the vein of what is normally written by this author, the alteration made for a nice change and yet another enjoyable tale. You can

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