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Book Review: Kim Alexander – The Sand Prince (@KimAlexander80)

Princess Hellene had loved Malloy. It didn’t matter he was human, that he came from reviewbeyond the door. And he had loved her too. Right until the weapon had sealed the door between the two worlds forever. But her young lover had left her something, not only a book written by his own hand, but a child. The sealing of the door brought devastation to Eriis. Left to take the throne, Queen Hellene struggles to pull her people through the hardship, but when the mages, in need of human blood, discover the secret she has been guarding she is left with no choice but to send her son, Rhuun, through the door. He had been obsessed with the humans, but he soon discovered things were not always like portrayed in a book. Bound into service by a child he is forced to carry out her petty whims, unaware something larger is happening, a plot to have him returned to Eriis.

The Sand Prince is the first book in Kim Alexander’s The Demon Door series. I thought the author showed brilliant world-building with the creation of two worlds. Eriis, the demon world, has completely different rules, magical systems, and culture to the earth-like Mistra. I enjoyed how the history of both sides following the sealing of the door was written differently by each side. Plots, politics, manipulation, and scheming will drive the reader forward while the vivid descriptions and wonder experienced by Rhuun as he beholds the world he has only read about, encourages you to see everything we take for granted anew. I enjoyed watching the forming of bonds of relationships, and the steady unravelling of the greater design. Engaging, entertaining, and unique The Sand Prince will capture your attention and leave you wondering what will happen in the next addition to this saga.

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