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Book review: Little Girls Sleeping – Jennifer Chase (@JChaseNovelist)

Katie wasn’t sure of her place when she left the army. Her previous employment 51p3FtytsBL._SY346_and her familial connections meant she at least had some time to find out. Working as an admin was different to the action-packed life she had been used to. It wasn’t long, however, before a cold case revived a ghost from the past. The abandoned case of Chelsea Compton brought back the memories of her own friend, Jenny. Returning from war is never easy, but her nightmares were altering, now the ghost of her friend was asking her to find the truth, to discover what became of that little girl, and when Katie decides to do something, nothing and no one can stop her. One thing is certain, the connections she is making haven’t been seen before. She fears if she doesn’t find the person responsible soon another life will be lost, especially given what she uncovers.

I have to say Jennifer Chase’s Little Girls Sleeping is one of the most inspired crime thrillers I have ever read. I love how I was not only taken by the hand into Katie’s life, but how we are forced to enter the mind of a serial killer, a person who, like every good antagonist, is the hero of their own story. There has been so much attention and thought woven into the telling that every aspect of this book is perfect in its own right. Trials and hardships of everyday life mingle with unspoken insecurities and past regrets to drive Katie to see things and understand things overlooked by others. She is an amazing character, strong and vivid. I didn’t want to put this book down, and I certainly want to discover more titles by this author. Jennifer Chase is truly a master of this genre and succeeded in making me fully invest in their book. Without a doubt, Little Girls Sleeping gets my whole-hearted recommendation.


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