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Book review: The Quest – Karina Kantas (@KarinaKantas )

Thya had left it all behind and had a new life on Earth. Part of her wanted to remain, to reviewstay safe. She wanted to have a life with Alex, to be a great mother, to keep him safe. So when the crystal began to glow, warning a Tsinian had come to Earth, the feared the Senx would be close behind. She knew what she had to do, she had to leave, to ensure her son’s safety and that of her people. If one of them was here, it meant there was trouble. In her return she had expected to meet with danger and conflict, not for the battle to already be lost and her people in hiding. Kovon had conquered her home. In order to liberate her people, she must undertake a perilous journey and discover some truths she had never imagined possible. In order to succeed, she must make some difficult decisions and complete the quest put before her. To fail, is lose everything.

The Quest is the second book in Karina Kantas’ Illusional Reality Series. The plot focuses on the trials and difficulties of Thya, and the strength of will, heart, and bonds she has formed. The Quest is written in a compelling third-person narrative which draws you in from the start and refuses to let go. The plot progresses at a steady pace and, whilst it is book 2 in the series, all the required information is presented to ensure it works perfectly as stand alone. Heartache, difficult choices, and revelations are paramount in this journey of self-discovery as Thya attempts to do what is expected of her by her people. Monsters and magic combine with hardships and action to deliver an enjoyable and engaging fantasy.

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