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Top book review blogs 2019

Greetings everyone.

Awesome news. My blog, K.J’s Athenaeum, is included in the 2019 top review blogs! I am truly honoured to be included in this list.

As you may know, I am never without a book in hand, and a majority of the time these are books published by indie authors. I always work hard to provide spoiler free and engaging reviews of the books I have read.

The Ranked blogs’ list is created by User Generated Content, so if you run a blog or know someone who does, why not recommend them for the appropriate category? It’s also a great tool to find people with similar interests and build your community.

While you’re there, if you’ve been enjoying my reviews I would be really grateful if you’d vote for my blog in the top book review blogs category, you can get there by clicking on the button below. You can also find numerous other book review blogs that may pique your interest. 

Let’s get K.J’s Athenaeum on the map, and extend the reach of indie books.


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