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Book review: Michael Pronko – The Moving Blade (@pronkomichael )

Jamie hadn’t seen her father, Bernard Mattson, for years, they had drifted apart, but it reviewhad been about to change, they had planned to reunite, but then his murder put a stop to the plan. But murder is not the only thing she finds in his wake, a robbery on the day of his funeral suggests there may be more to the murder of the renowned diplomat. Jamie is eager to discover the truth about what befell her father, on the case is Detective Hiroshi Shimizu, along with his motley crew of ex-sumo wrestlers, rugby players, and Private investigators. With nothing but a wiped computer, stolen statues, and erotic prints it seems an impossible task. But the body count is rising and answers are demanded. Can they uncover the truth before more people fall to the blade?

Culturally rich and seductively compelling The Moving Blade is a must read for lover of murder mystery and crime fiction fans. Great attention to detail in both setting, lifestyle, and characters has been applied to create an atmospheric, tense, and engaging read which is further enhanced by Michael Pronko’s skilled narrative. Plots, protests, questions, and secrets fill the pages and drive the reader forward through the engaging and well constructed plot. The characters are rich, deep, and vibrant, each with their own very distinctive rules, personality, relationships, and objectives. I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute I spent reading this, and it gets something I save only for those special books I really connect with, my heartfelt recommendation. Whether you’re looking for a suspenseful and engaging read, or just something to pass the hours you should give The Moving Blade a try.


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I read this some time ago, but never published the review on my blog.


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