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Book review: Brian Lambert – Ascension

Michael and Kyle were brothers in both arms and blood, but any in the Black Knights review.jpgwould stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder. They would out their life in the hands of their fellow guild members without question. Experience from the twenty-year war had taught many lessons, ones the other guilds serving the king of Avalon did not always understand, as such they were the only ones Shawn could trust at his back on a mission of grave importance. When a rumour from the Count of Lyoness whispers of the King’s Warriors inciting war with heinous, unspeakable acts, there was a choice to be made, peace or war. One thing is clear, someone attached protected villages, someone seeking to implicate Avalon, is behind these attacks, the question is who, and what are their motives?

At 590 pages Ascension by  Brian Lambert makes for an entertaining read. At this length many readers may find the segregation into only nine chapters an unusual choice, but fear not, within each are scene breaks that can act as a good place to stop when you need to put it down. The is an attention to hierarchy and guilds that will put people in mind of the detail paid to such things in Game of Thrones. Realistic relationships make for not only conflict within the Black Knights, but their tightly knit relationship means they can overlook such things to stand beside their brother in arms as needed. A detailed and descriptive style of writing provides vivid and clear descriptions of places, people, and things to create clear imagery to the lands and its people and adding to the world building undertaken. An amalgamation of action, adventure, challenges, tension, drama, faith, honour, revenge, legacies, and justice fill the pages of this griping journey and provide an exciting foundation and foothold for the next book in the The Chrusion Saga.


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