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Book review: Sarah Y. Westmoreland – Najee: Awakening (@SWestAuthor )

Akinia had barely survived the torture. She had been flayed and beaten to the brink of reviewdeath, healed, and forced to endure again. But even then they could not turn her. It had been a long road of recovery, and her insistence about being let back in the field, instead of hidden away on Paméd, only threw fuel on an already volatile fire. Her recovery, however, is hampering her, it is slower than she wants. Frustrated, she goes on a trip to meet the family she never knew she had, knowing this was just another way to pacify her until she regained her strength didn’t make it any less daunting, or enjoyable. Having never known her family it was a welcome distraction since she feared she would never recover and become the person they expected her to be, especially since her powers betrayed her, spiking and lashing out at those closest to her. There is only one place she may get answers, an ally met once and only breifly, but with her newest mission she dare not consider it. But before she knows it, fate takes the decision from her hands. She was warned to refuse the mission, perhaps she should have listened because things soon turn bad, and to survive she will either find herself, or be destroyed.

Having read Sarah Y. Westmoreland’s first book in the Najee Series I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next, Najee: Awakening, and it did not disappoint. This is an amazing series driven forward by the strong characters, their development, and the dangers and strife they face. The more Akinia grows the more she will nestle herself in your heart, a strong teenager who has suffered and endured more than any adult should. She has the weight of the future on her shoulders, and it is a burden she feels she cannot carry. She is not alone, Nath makes for an excellent supporting protagonist, along with her masters, uncles, and new found family, a support network she had never before had, but needs more than ever. Sarah Y. Westmoreland writes in a gripping and addictive style. I said in my review of the first book that it has a very Star Wars vibe to it and, whilst this remains true, I would go as far to say in some ways I find it surpasses the written works of this title. I give this series my wholehearted recommendation, not only to fans of Star Wars, but Sci-fi lovers, and even simply people who enjoy a character driven plot filled with action, danger, and discovery.

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