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Book review: Edward Castle – Unbound Deathlord: Challange (@ECastleWriter )

Jack Thorn, from the moment he entered the game was a thorn in the side of some of the reviewmost powerful characters in Valia. He broke the game, sending the preordained plot off course with his problem-solving skills, quick reactions, and the lessons taught to him by his parents. He entered the game to run from who he was, who he had become. He wanted to escape, to enjoy himself, to conquer the underworld… No wait, that wasn’t his agenda, was it? Amongst a sea of unhelpful, condescending NPC’s this one thought keeps returning to him, but is it even his? In a game where your every thought can be monitored who is to say you can’t also be influenced?

Unbound Deathlord: Challenge is Edward Castle’s creative addition to the LitRPG genre. Packed with action, creative solutions, and some just plain pure dumb luck any fan of the genre is in for a treat. Great descriptions and seamless integration of RPG systems and methods add to this enticing read. You can’t help but root for Jack as he aims to win the Challenge set by the designers, while attempting to drive things his way, by outmanoeuvring, out thinking, and generally just antagonising those who seek to better him. There are some great characters who play well-designed supportive roles as they are dragged along for this intense ride.

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