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Book review: Anne-Rae Vasquez – Reveal (@write2film )

Cristal had been given orders, relayed from the Almighty himself via Rafael. Her mission, reviewto infiltrate Global Nation and send Bezel back to hell. She had all but given up hope, of either achieving her quest, or being rescued by the Truth Seekers. For twelve months she was a captive, but the time has come for action,  and help appears to come from an unlikely source. Demons themselves seem willing to offer aid to return the devil to hell. The end is here, purgatory is closed, and now all out war both mortal and supernatural is upon them. Who will be victorious, and what will the new world look like now the prophecy has been set in motion?

Reveal is Anne-Rae Vasquez’s concluding part of the Among Us Trilogy, and what an adventure it is. I have not read the previous two, and I can tell some amazing things happened to bring us to this point. Despite no prior knowledge, I had no difficulty in embracing the story from this starting point as the information I needed was fed to me. There is also an option to do a quick catch up through via a quick summary of the previous two at the end of the book. There is a great cast of characters, and you are never sure who can really be trusted, even the archangels seem to have their own agendas. Adventure, complications, prophecy, tension, and of course the highest stakes possible, fill this book’s every page. There’s both a religious and futuristic feel to the book, and the author shows great skill in the building of her alternative future world. There are gripping scenes and great descriptions throughout, not to mention some interesting ideas.


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