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Book review: Kaye Fairburn – The Trash Tier Dungeon

Arden the Endless Terror has one final chance to prove herself worthy as a du dungeon reviewpixie. If she fails, she is finished, and not just in dungeon work, Demon Lord Oiseau has sworn to smite her. The problem is, her new pairing is with the worst dungeon ever made, they dubbed it the Trash Tier Dungeon. It had a feline heart, and we all know how cats can be. Arden’s last dungeon had made her life miserable, there was no way she was going to let this one kill her. Their personalities clash, their idea of what the dungeon should be differ, but the threat is too real to ignore. If they want to survive they have one month to turn the dungeon into something more than a joke, assuming the guild Arden angered before arriving doesn’t kill them first.

The Trash Tier Dungeon is Kaye Fairburn’s unique take on the LitRPG genre. You’ve read about the heroes, not read about the dungeons. It’s not all fun and games for the creatures that build them and stock them with loot. Their very life hangs in the balance each time something, monster or adventure opens the door. With limited resources, and difficult odds they create the adventure, growing, changing, evolving, all to ensure that those who travel through them think twice about destroying the heart and thus terminating the dungeon forever. This is a fun and action-packed read. The author inserts humour and drama, fitting for a cat based dungeon. Decisions that seem impulsive or random are well implemented to reflect the personalities and past experiences of the characters involved. Great for the young adult and Dungeon Core genre fans.

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