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Book review : D G Lamb – Forging the Blade (@AuthorDGLamb )

Joshua felt like he owed Hobo, and he needed the money, so how could he refuse to help review.jpghim retrieve something? He was only twelve, but his potential had not gone unnoticed, perhaps had he known the true cost of helping him that day his life would have taken a different path. But, again, he needed the money to survive, something statistics suggested would be near impossible. He did everything asked, performed better than Hobo had dared to dream, and his reward had been the loss of his freedom, or had it been the gift of life? A white room, a school like structure, all training him and other Recruits. But for what he didn’t know, only that they suggest he was better with them, and perhaps he could agree. But he was always one for questions, and some of them have answers perhaps best unknown. There is one thing he comes to learn, they are been forged, tempered and honed to be part of something bigger, something operating in the shadows.

Forging the Blade is the second Volume in D.G Lamb’s Driven to the Hilt. Despite no knowledge of events from the first book I found I had no issues in picking this up as a stand alone tale. D.G. Lamb writes with Dynamic formatting which, if I am quite honest, isn’t something I particularly enjoy, but I can certainly see its appeal. Joshua, the main focus of the book, is a fantastically conceived and deep character who shows tremendous strength, resolve, and growth, along with the other Recruits as they learn their place in this new life. The book is written in parts, each one focusing on a particular aspect or area of Joshua’s life, and the transitions, and transformations he begins to undergo. This is the kind of book that hooks you immediately and refuses to let go. It has so much to offer, from intellectual discussions, to an injection of comedy. D.G Lamb has created a believable cast, enjoyable plot, and exceptional story with some great descriptions, and incredible development. The choreography of the action scenes, even the subtleties of altering relationships are written brilliantly. There are layers to this plot, both visible and unseen. If you’re looking for a character-driven tale of intrigue, and growth then look no further. 


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