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Book review: Joy Yehle – Dread (@JoyYehle )

The protesters warned them they believed there was a paranormal vortex in the woods. reviewBut no one, particularly not David Camden who had just purchased the abandoned development site, listened. Strange happenings can be explained away, accidents, frights, even the strange children with the empty eyes. But Nate knows there’s something strange going on, and soon other people begin to see it too. The terror is escalating, he needs to find answers soon before there is no one left to ask the questions. The entities, alien, vampire, ghost, whatever these things could be are upping their game, and Nate and those he cares for seem to be most affected, or at least the only ones willing to acknowledge that something is very wrong in Dark Pine Hills

Joy Yehle’s Dread has all the subtleties and atmosphere that I appreciated in the earlier works of Stephen King, such as The Tommyknockers and Needful Things. It is a not so typical ghost story, focused around the development site and school of Dark Pine Hills. There is tremendous character and setting building. The forging of relationships and the trials of everyday teenage life are paramount in this masterfully crafted tale. There’s a sinister, creepy vibe to the story, subtle at first and escalating as it would in any good book. It is so easy to be drawn into this haunting book that you’ll find it hard to put down.

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