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Book review: Trisha McNary – Alien Pets(@Trisha_McNary )

Antaska had longed to travel into outer space, but her only chance to do so was to be reviewchosen by one of the Verdante. It was easier said than done since  it seemed as if Potat, her cat, wanted to sabotage her at every turn. Despite this she was selected. But little did she know humans were to Verdante what Potat was to her, a pet. M. Hoyvil, her new owner, soon finds himself concerned for her safety when her initial attraction to one of the almost human trainers earns her a dangerous level of unwanted attention. Pair that with the fact she keeps hearing telepathic voices, and she’s in for one hell of a trip.

I found Trisha McNary’s Alien Pets really easy to get into. Written in character specific third party no question is left unanswered, from the musings of long-suffering Potat as she attempts to steer her pets’—both her human and the newly acquired Verdante—path, to the ever-darkening thoughts of Eegor. There is some great character development and author does an amazing job in creating believable science fiction settings and atmospheres. I really liked Antaska’s strong character and her drive to improve, there were times where her stubbornness and reluctance to embrace her developing telepathy became frustrating, and not only to Potat, but as a cat person I must admit Potat was my favourite character, if we could hear cats thoughts these would be very close. This book is filled with interesting ideas, and is fun to read. Conflict, uncertainty, adaptation and challenges, the markers of any big change, fill every page of this entertaining tale


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