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Book review: Alon Lavie – The Rise of Europa Prince (@VENOMSECTOR42AL )

The timeline is off, events have been accelerated for one simple reason. Black Widow. A reviewcold, callus, creature with her sights set of Earth. Her intelligence is well established, and the glass web, know everything. Well, almost everything, they are not at full capacity but that will change. Countries are dropping like flies to her control. Her arrival acted as a catalyst forcing the other insect species to bring forward their plans for hostile invasion. The Europa Prince is on its way housing the great invasion fleet. Ayana, an agent for the US Department of Defence, is determined to stop her at every turn. Armies are building, alliances being formed and lost, and the very fate of Earth rests on the shoulders of but a few.

I often don’t like reading books written in the present tense, but the author made it so effortless that I didn’t really notice. The Rise of Europa Prince is the first instalment in Alon Lavie’s The Venom Sectors and whilst part of what I imagine will be a much larger series is easy to follow as a complete story in its own right. It is full of strong female characters with diverse and interesting personalities, not to mention packed with action, suspense, and a touch of mayhem. Things in this book go from bad to worse, an invasion fleet is on the way and the people of Earth have less time than expected to form a plan. Timescales are altered and the threat is upon them before they are prepared. A character driven plot like this allows ample time to develop characters, relationships and motivations, and the sci-fi aspects are easy, perfect for a newbie sci-fi fan who finds too much tech info overwhelming, while still holding appeal to regular sci-fi readers.


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