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Book review: Anthony Carinhas – Clever Ruse (@anthonycarinhas )

Fifty thousand pounds a year to every psychiatris–with the option to nominate reviewa beneficiary to receive it in their stead on death–was enough to ensure most detrimental secrets remained undisclosed to the masses. It was better they were kept where they belonged. When the house was built it was created with its own unique scruples and guidelines, and by 2028 guests had started to occupy it. But it was doubtful it was what many whispers believed it to be.

The first few quarter of Anthony Carinhas’ Clever Ruse reads a lot like a historical report, filling in the facts, manipulations, and evolutions of what would become the mansion and the structure, plots and schemes of those within. It is only after these foundations have been laid the narrative switches to adapt a third person omniscient perspective and you are introduced to the two main characters. In contrast to the previous chapters, you’ll find heavily dialogue driven progression and you come to learn of the roles in society they played and the impact they had on various lives. It shows how people with power turn situations to their advantage, and expresses them in the extreme, like foreclosing on a house because an elderly lady owed a matter of cents, and manipulation of student debt and immoral practices to keep a glass ceiling in place. There’s some things addressed that will make you think and reflect on the current state of affairs. The conversations follows the rise, exploitation and ultimate collapse of the world as we know it. It is a book of reflection focusing on the main characters, and with a revelation at the end you may not expect.


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