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Book review: Rosie Burthom, The Doll (@BurthomRosie )

The doll had perhaps been the last straw for John, Janie’s father. Whenever he was taken reviewinto hospital his daughter was sent into care where she was bullied, beaten, and her things were stolen. Last time they had taken the keepsake given to her by her long deceased mother, a doll. John decided she would be safer with his old friend Nancy, she wasn’t homeless, as such, but was as close as could be. Strangely, protective services had agreed. Janie finds herself reluctantly following her father’s wishes, leading her path to cross with Meryl’s. A nightmare incarnate. There are many things she can’t understand, can’t believe. If she hopes to live and to prevent her nightmares from continuing to come true, then she must listen to Lilian, she knows about these things. But Janie is not willing to let Meryl go.  Perhaps had her father not worried about the doll she had lost, then that one would never have found her. Will she come to her senses before it is too late?

There’s a lot to like about The Doll, it is a supernatural thriller with some very real world experiences. Rosie Burthom writes in a simple style and weaves numerous aspects together to create an atmospheric and emotional tale. This is a perfect teen/ young adult read, and the author’s style, descriptions and prose remain true to this target audience throughout, while making it enjoyable to a more adult reader as well.

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