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Book review: Athena Daniels – When Darkness Follows (@AthenaDaniels11 )

Rachel was part of a successful small band, Trinity Beat, until one night a cancelled gig reviewleft them at a loose end and they wound up exploring a haunted ghost ship. Rachel had always been drawn to the paranormal, but this place felt different. No sooner had they stepped foot aboard she wanted to leave. She should have listened to her instincts. She remembers the Ouija board, the strange behaviour of her friend Rob, but what she doesn’t remember was Trey’s murder, how she received the strange slashes on her back, and what had happened to Rob. The police are content to believe Rob was the killer, but knowing something else is afoot Rachel contacts Debunking Reality. This show explores the supernatural, and she prays they will help her find answers. In tow they bring her former lover, Daniel. The hunky detective she used to have a casual relationship with who now occasionally provides security for this show.  Something sinister is lurking in the shadows, and while Rachel is determined not to cling to her ex, no matter the pull she feels towards him, something is determined to cling to her. She never should have gone aboard that boat, because something has been waiting for one of her ancestry for a very long time, and now that is has marked her it will never let her go.

When Darkness Follows is the fourth book in Athena Daniels’ Beyond the Grave series. As a supernatural suspense it certainly delivers on both aspects. from the very start you are introduced to the looming danger, watching as it escalates from tricks of the mind to physical manifestations. The danger is real, proven, and beyond anything either Rachel or Daniel feel equipped to handle. The dark plot is supported by a cast of unique characters, and even its own alternative sub-plot involving kidnapped students, making it an engrossing read. It is written in an alternating, character-specific third person perspective, allowing the reader to be drawn into the character’s minds and understand exactly what they’re thinking, feeling, and experiencing. It’s a nice touch which really adds to this story. As the fourth book in the series I’d be lying is I didn’t say I had felt like I’d missed a lot, and whilst not everything is made clear, a lot of the important things of the seemingly complex  history is mentioned to allow the story to be self-contained. It doesn’t rely on knowledge from the previous books, but there are certain places where a reader of the series would be rewarded with their knowledge of what came before. This was a good romance / paranormal suspense, filled with danger, manipulations, uncertainty, and the occasional surprise to keep you on your toes.



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  1. Thank you for such a well written and comprehensive review of When Darkness Follows! I appreciate this so much! Athena x

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