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Book review: Rick Scott, Dodge Tank

Ryan led a double life. In reality he was a 17 year old boy, relying on crutches to get reviewthrough the day while he cared for his dying mother while his jerk of an older brother did seemingly nothing. But when he was in his rig he was Ryan, the miner, who saved endlessly to earn credits to make the rent with his friend Gilly. A new expansion sees a run on silver, and Reece uncovers a rare item with just one catch, the permanent stat debuff caused by his condition means he can’t use it. It is rare, untradable, and is a golden ticket to wealth. With it he could pay for his mum’s operation, and with a world boss on the horizon he could even make her life comfortable. Help comes from an unexpected source with some strings attached, he has to earn it by becoming a dodge tank, and pledging himself to their guild. He has precious few weeks to reach the desired level, but he has no idea about the truth of game or reality, if he did, perhaps he’d think twice.

Dodge Tank by Rick Scott focuses on a post apocalyptic world where the surviving humans have been forced into a network of underground bunkers. It is an immersive read filled with developing friendship and interesting characters. We follow Ryan’s plights both in game and out, and even the cross over between the two. It is an engaging, character-driven story filled with all the elements a LitRPG lover will come to expect. There’s surprises in store in this well-thought out book, and its plot is enhanced by a great cast of supporting characters, each with their own drive and motivations. I certainly look forward to where book two will take us.

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