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Book review R.J. Blain, Whatever for Hire (@rj_blain )

Bad things happen when the devil is bored, fortunately, Kanika seems to have captured reviewhis attention. His unwanted help in rescuing a cat from a tree had been a catalyst, leaving her with a debt and giving him a personal invitation for him to come and manipulate her. He had great plans for her. But she was no fool, she knew better to play with the devil… She had known better. Yet now he was one of her clients, and he had made an offer too tempting to refuse. All she had to do was sign something, without reading it, and accept the first job he sent her way as repayment for a debt. What she didn’t expect was things to be so complicated. A kidnapping gone wrong sees her victim turn the tides, but had he not, then they would never have uncovered the undead plague that afflicted the world, a problem that if not reined in could spell the end of days.

The narrative in Whatever for Hire is so brilliant you will struggle to tear yourself away for even a minute. It has a great humour to it, and the first person narrative holds true to Kanika’s character perfectly. I enjoyed every minute of this book, from the flippancy of Kanika when dealing with the devil, seeing how far she could push her luck, to her awesome, if somewhat unreliable, shifting abilities. There is a lot to this plot, and it certainly went beyond what I expected. R.J. Blain has written an amazing paranormal romance / urban fantasy where you can’t help but will for the characters to get together, this is helped by the fact they are so believable. There are questions about Malcolm that will plague you until the moment of truth, and the added bonus of the mystery surrounding Kanika herself, but all that pales when placed beside a plot which just keeps getting better. Brilliantly written, full of action, mystery, suspense, romance, revenge, and more than a little interference from Heaven and Hell.


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