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Book review: Michael Okon, Monsterland Reanimated (@IAmMichaelOkon )

The aftermath of Monsterland was global devastation. Wyatt is haunted by events, and reviewimages of the violence he both witnessed and executed to survive plagued him as much as the revelation that his own father had been a zombie in the exhibition. Whilst the events are fresh and all-consuming, there are other concerns. The world government collapsed, most people of power were wiped out during their visit to Monsterland, paving the way for the co-conspiring  Vice President to take the mantle of reign. With so few survivors Wyatt knows he must find a way to alert the outside world of what really happened. But something stirs in the ruins of Monsterland, something new and dangerous. Monsterland had been constructed in a place of great power, and Vincent’s plans had not been terminated with his death. Every villain must always have a plan B, the time has come for it to be revealed.

Monsterland Reanimated by Michael Okon is a rapid flowing, action-packed, suspenseful, paranormal thriller, filled with beautifully crafted descriptions, and amazing scene setting. Tension is slowly built as the progression of events warn there’s something more to the situation at Copper Valley. Having read the first book I can really appreciate the growth of the characters, not only from the last book, but throughout the progression of this one. Careful thought and consideration has gone into each character and their own individual history and plot, adding to the depth and believability. There are some great action scenes which only serve to enhance a well-executed and conceived plot. The stakes have been raised, and as a reader I find myself eagerly awaiting the next book in this imaginative and thrilling series.


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