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Book review: Erin S. Riley, Odin’s Shadow (@erinsriley1 )

Selia had been enchanted by the tales of the wild Finngalls. The tales told by the maid reviewwere intended to be cautionary, a warning to her not to stray from home or tempt danger. Yet they only furthered her curiosity. A chance encounter sealed her fate, igniting a desire in the Finngall who had seen her. He forced her father to accept dowry. Selia wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or alarmed. At least she didn’t have to marry a man sixty years her senior as had been her father’s intention, but she feared the life that could await her at him hands. It is believed her new husband is filled with dark magic, but Selia has her own secret, and she and her husband are closer connected than either of them could imagine.

I have to admit, from beginning to end I thoroughly enjoyed Erin S. Riley’s Odin’s Shadow. It’s a love story, but one fitting to the era in which it is set, and not your typical romance. Set in the days of the Vikings, and created with an authentic feel to the era, you’ll quickly lose yourself in the world of fear, violence, and a time when women were traded as property. The plot is filled with complications, heartbreak, treachery, betrayal, secrets, and jealousy. The characters are imaginative and well-developed throughout the plot, and as a reader you get a good feel for the environment thanks to the author’s talent in scene setting. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for book two. If you’re a KU subscriber like myself there’s also the added bonus of this book being free on Kindle Unlimited.


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