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William Mears is working towards his doctorate at the University of Southern California. reviewBut he doesn’t want to take the easy road, he wants his thesis to matter, to impact the world, and be complete on presentation. He wants to take it beyond the lab rats to human applications. He wants to encourage the body to heal things that would otherwise be impossible. The applications are limitless, but there’s a catch. In order for the treatment to work, embryo stem cells are needed from the person needing the treatment. Impossible, unless he creates a clone. There is great interest in his work, from forces he could not even imagine. His project has the potential to change the world, but everything has a cost, will this one be too high? When one plays God, they must consider all things, including the potential for corruption, and ramifications man cannot even begin to fathom.

With accurate science, and a unique plot you can’t help but be pulled into Creation Abomination. I am quite well versed in many areas of science, but even for those who have trouble you’ll find it easily accessible, well explained, and whilst central to the plot it is not too overwhelming. There is a great balance to this book, one which is enhanced by Alan W Thompson’s well-crafted descriptive style and the attention given to character development throughout the plot progression. It addresses morals, even the possibility of interference from beyond the earthly planes. This is a book that flows with ease, a fun read that is easy to lose yourself in while boasting an engaging and unique plot. Once you open the pages be prepared to be pulled into a world with a unique blend of technology, genetic engineering, the supernatural and divine that will hold you tightly and not let go. A great first instalment with a promise for an equally compelling sequel.

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