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Book review: Iva Kenaz, Alchemist Awakening

Liza had been drawn to astronomy, studied it, and its many branches for years. It, along reviewwith her dream of writing a book, was her passion. Yet, she now doubted both. She questioned her ability to write, as well as the meaning of the stars. She was at a dead end, so when she found the strange rainbow coloured envelope, containing an invitation to a seminar, it tempted her. Her dual Gemini nature was indecisive, but she took the plunge. She knew there was more to what she knew. Alchemy, geometry, theurgy, astronomy, everything was connected. Liza finds herself on a task to awaken her own alchemist and find her own philosopher’s stone, the gold within that came from being truly herself. But there are lessons to learn, can she accept and understand them?

If you enjoy or have an interest in astrology Alchemist Awakening is definitely a book for your list. It explores the Zodiac, the tree of life, Alchemy (although not in the sense you’re probably familiar with) and so many other philosophies and ideas. It’s a tale of self discovery focused around Liza as she learns to embrace herself and her own path with a little help from some rather divine intervention. It’s slow paced, allowing the reader to get a real feel for Liza’s character, and that of those who surround her. She has a journey she must make, and it is intriguing to watch the progression, along with the development that runs along side it. If, like me, you’re a KU subscriber, there’s the added bonus of picking this book up for free.

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