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Book review: Christopher Keene, Stuck in the Game

Noah was in dire straights. A horrific accident had left him paralysed and his girlfriend reviewSue fighting for her life. Fortunately he had enough DSD in his system that he could be connected to the Dream Engine, and log into their game. This game, one he had vowed never to try, became his lifeline, the only way people from the world outside could communicate with him while his body attempted to repair itself. There was a catch, if he were to die, then he would likely slip into a coma. Still, he thought himself lucky. Sue was in critical condition, beyond even this intervention. Or was she? It seemed something of her had been drawn here too, held captive. Noah had a quest, a reason to play. He would save Sue, no matter the cost.

Stuck in the Game is a steady paced read with some good characters. You join Noah in his adventure from tutorial all the way through his progression. You witness a prison of a game become something more as his own gaming passion is kindled, and he is spurred on as his character grows and receives the only quest he really cares about. To reach her he must be strong, but it isn’t all levelling and grinding, there are things at work here he could not imagine, and not all those who play have his back, in fact, with his survival rank growing, he may as well paint a target on his back. Some will stop at nothing to be the best, and some have more sinister motivations.

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2 thoughts on “Book review: Christopher Keene, Stuck in the Game”

  1. Man, that first paragraph is a fantastic summary of the premise. I might have to change that to present tense and turn that into a blurb lol.

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