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Book review: Lucretia Stanhope, Feral (@DianaS58 )

Alice was a hybrid, a mixture of three things that should not have come to be. As such, reviewthe reactions she received were also mixed. To her the PPK was a prison, she was trained, praised, but ultimately trapped. Until Maxwell decided it was time she put her ambassador status to use and went on her first mission with her knew partner, a lone alpha known as Amarok. Three wolves have gone missing from a pack, that is concerning enough, but both Alice and Amarok have the same uneasy feeling. There is more going on than they could imagine. Their cover to the pack was husband and wife, but both of them have issues with trust, can they uncover the truth before secrets tear them apart? The deeper they dig, the more likely it becomes that whoever is doing this has inside help, and when the stakes are upped, the time to find answers begins to run out. The hunt is on, but are the wolves predator or prey?

I really enjoyed watching the slow build of the forming relationship between Alice and Amarok. The cover of being husband and wife was a perfect ploy to have them lower their defences with each other. While this is book two, it works perfectly as stand alone. The main characters are strong and well developed, and there is enough mystery to have you forming your own opinion about who is responsible and their motivations. A fun read, with a promise of more excitement to follow in future books as Alice tries to discover her place.

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