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Book review: Craig Anderson’s Level Up

Marcus loved games, and hated his job. He worked twice as hard as everyone else, reviewhelped them out without pause, and his boss constantly dangled the promise of promotion just out of reach. He was better where he was, doing all the work, and meeting what should have been impossible deadlines, after all, why should some one be rewarded for their work when keeping them at their current station keeps the office running smoothly? Things, however, are about to change. His old love interest returned to the scene, and more surprisingly, she’s working on a project to create VR. It’s still in the testing phase, but Marcus is all too eager to help. A freak accident causes the game to crash, and when Marcus wakes up the world is not the same. Reality has become a game, and he has 48 hours to complete the main quest or the world itself will end.

Level Up by Craig Anderson is another book in my current favourite genre, LitRPG. I instantly connected with Marus’ character, in fact, aside from his job title I have lived that office life. It’s a quick paced and entertaining read. With a new HUD overlay to reality Marcus needs to level up and complete his objectives, all of which are related to himself and his own personal development. Reality becomes a game, experience a must and the means by which it is obtained have to integrate both the game and reality mechanics. There is a humour to the game that will appeal to everyone, particularly gamers. An easy, well-paced, and enjoyable read, and if you’re a KU subscriber like myself you can pick it up for free.

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