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Book review: Kildare’s Dreamwander

The diagnosis had been both expected and a shock. Dementia. Cillian had suspected for some time his mind has been reviewbetraying him, hadn’t he? With this label under his belt though he found slipping into the strange reality much easier. Gone were the wrinkles, the aches, the pains. In their stead was a quest, a mission to slay Red Ruin, a dragon. He was welcomed a hero, said to have served this land before, but he couldn’t remember ever doing so. A world of angered gods, dragons, swords, and the tapestry of myths doesn’t seem like too bad a place to wither away into obscurity, at least his final day’s would be full of excitement. But what if this was real, what if he really was some place he could be young again and really had inadvertently freed a god hell bent on destroying all? Is Cillian truly an ancient hero reawakened, or is this his sanity’s last hoorah? Unravel the tale, join the adventure in Kildare’s Dreamwander

Dreamwander is the first book in Kildare’s In the Ruins of Eden series. Any book dealing with a step between worlds or realities has to be tightly crafted and clear in order not to confuse the reader, and the seamless transition is well executed. There is a surreal element to the settings, and the play on the diagnosis of dementia, the shifting perspective, faded memories or those which may even not have existed is expertly woven within to keep the reader wondering whether Cillian has just embraced a delusion, or is in fact living a new, younger life in an eerie, surreal, and magical setting in which he seems destined to be the hero, or at least central to the tale. These scenes are vividly crafted, and from the first page you are struck by a fast moving plot designed to keep the reader slightly off balance throughout. Be prepared for some interesting twists, unexpected developments, and great characters. 


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