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Book review: The Desert Botanist by Jennifer Stone (@JenStone4485 )

Erica had agreed to leave behind her luscious homeland as part of a cultural exchange reviewand learning experience with the desert dwellers. She was excited at the thought of learning what new plants and remedies could be revealed in their harsh climate. She had not expected everything she had witnessed, even Amira’s own attitude, to have been nothing but a deception. What she finds is not the city of cultural wealth and learning she hoped, but a land of debauchery and corruption, where people paraded like peacocks displaying their wealth and only those with riches were worthy of attention. Erica must quickly learn who she can trust, one wrong turn could destroy her, and there are those who would seek to do just that. She must have faith, for a storm is coming, one that will change the very future, and Erica has her own role to play in what will come to pass.

Having read the Earthen Priestess I was really looking forward to The Desert Botanist, and the author did not disappoint. I really enjoy the easy, flowing style of Jennifer Stone, it draws the reader in with its enjoyable characters, whilst finding the perfect balance of description to allow the reader’s imagination some creative license. A wonderful book and an enjoyable read.

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