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Book review: Robert E Kreig’s The Shadow Of Woodmyst (@robertekreig )

Alice Gyfford, Kayl’sro of the Agrodien, and a daughter of Woodmyst, was young, reviewsomeone a person would hardly believe was capable of the feats she had already accomplished. She had more blood on her hands than even the most seasoned warriors. She had protected her homeland, regardless of the cost. Now she turns her focus to rectifying the wrongs of those who were in the position of power before her. It started as a simple gesture to open conversation, the return of property previously stolen, but where it would lead she could not imagine, and the new loyal ally that had chosen her as its keeper was beyond belief, but she will need all the help she can get, there is a prophecy that speaks if the rise of a magi, a warlock, and the time has come for all to learn their place. Join the adventure in Robert E Kreig’s The Shadow Of Woodmyst, The Woodmyst Chronicles Book VI

Robert E Kreig has woven yet another captivating tale in the Woodmyst Chronicles. There is danger, strife, challenges, rising threat, new allies, and ancient enemies, not to mention a fantastic cast of well developed characters who enhance the plot alongside the protagonist, Alice. Alice is a remarkable character, whilst young she is both strong and experienced with a will and passion to do what is right, while also looking after those she protects. I first met her in the previous book, and she continues to grow and surprise me in this one. From the last book to this one, the characters aren’t the only thing to develop and progress Robert E Kreig as an author continues to hone their already impressive craft in The Shadow Of Woodmyst. Vivid descriptions conjure magnificent scenes that come to life before your eyes and weave their own spell of magic over you as a reader  and won’t fail to keep you entertained for hours.


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