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Book review: Jessica V Fisette’s Fire and Ice

Allie didn’t believe them, the things that had been whispered about Phoenix after her reviewaccident. She alone still looked for him, she had faith that he was neither responsible for the fire, nor dead. Of course, having driven off a bridge, and lost her memories of that night didn’t help her case any. But a gnawing fear told her there was more to the situation than she thought, more than she remembered. How right she had been, and how lucky she was to trust her instincts when a sudden visit by official looking figures at her school didn’t sit right with her. She had run, run as if her life depended on it, and it had. She and Phoenix had touched upon a world of magic, a skill they thought was unique to them, but there were more out there like her, yet at the same time, in the eyes of some, there was no one like her. She was just what was needed. A long lost piece of a play for power, and she didn’t even know how to defend herself.

Fire and Ice follows Allie’s story. It is easy to initially believe that you have started this book at number two, a clever ploy by the author, Jessica V Fisette, to allow in plot discovery by the protagonist, and as this book is written solely in the first person perspective, we only know and learn what they themselves do, so a gap in memory leading a reader to think they have missed something, is in fact exactly how Allie’s feels, and in time, throughout the journey, more is discovered until most things fall into place. This is an ideal young adult / new adult read, reminding me in some places of an L. J Smith novel, whilst not being in any way derivative. You’ll cringe at Allie’s decisions, but realise that at her age rash and impulsive thinking came more natural in dangerous scenarios than trust and ask questions. A journey of discovery, uncovering the truth about her past, and fighting to reclaim her present before anything more is stripped from her.


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