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Book review: Anne Francis Scott’s Lost Souls (@AnnefScott )

Toni had been digging in places she shouldn’t have, first into the building development, then reviewaround the scene of a double murder. But she never imagined the trouble it would ensure. An attempt on her life brings into sharper focus the terror that followed her back from the murder site. Since she had seen that thing in the woods a dark presence has been stalking her, hijacking her mind, and playing sick games. Reality seems distorted, and sinister voices whisper within her mind. Toni does the only thing she can, she turns to Allison, a newly awakened Medium with more than a little experience with the paranormal, can they discover the true danger and unravel the truth before it is too late?

Be prepared to lose yourself in an amazingly descriptive paranormal fiction. Anne Francis Scott possesses a beautiful descriptive voice, her proverbial quill painting the images before you with such clarity it is easy to imagine yourself there. From scenery to mannerisms, there is no stone left unturned and you are left with an amazing impression of the characters and the places they see. While Lost Souls is book two of The Lost Trilogy, it does work as stand alone. Whilst I felt I had missed an amazing and tense adventure when Allison first uncovers her abilities in book one, and Toni begins digging into things she, perhaps, shouldn’t, I felt they were adequately addressed to provide a full enough picture to allow the reader to understand all they needed to, in fact, if anything, it made me want to read the first book. I love a good character driven plot, and I have always been a fan of writing that absorbs you. There is danger, threat, looming darkness, mystery, and the test of bonds and friendships as people are forced to accept and view things they never could have imagined.


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